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Super Elliptical  

Big convex mirror lens and a varied selection of stems, the Super Elliptical is perfect for the full-bodied prototype or production racer.

Tucked neatly inside the housing is an internal ball stud allow for a wide range of adjustment.

The convex mirror measures 5.2 x 2.0 inches and is 'soft' mounted on foam pds within the housings to absorb vibration. The mirror's subtle convex shape gives you an excellent overall field of view .

If you're looking for a lightweight (5.8oz - complete mirror assembly), aerodynamic mirror to replace big, heavy OEM mirrors, we suggest the Super Elliptical.

It is the perfect size and shape and will give you a perfect view at a glance.




Super Elliptical is quickly adjusted using a 1/4-inch ballend hex wrench to loosen the stainless-steel ball stud tucked inside the mirror housing.

First, remove the plastic bung.

The ball stud is securely held within a billet-milled 6061 aluminum mount. Loosen the set screw slightly (not too much). The housing should move freely so that you can position it to where you want it.

You can now firmly re-torque the set screw. Be firm, afterall you'll be driving at racing speeds. The housing should remain set in position for the entire season.

Super Elliptical housing is constructed of two layers of 2x2 carbon fiber twill and genuine epoxy resin (not weak polyester resin). This is the same composite technology used to fabricate all of our carbon fiber housings and carbon fiber aero stems.