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Club Series - Elliptical, Rectangular & Club GT  

Club Series shares many of the same aerodynamic features from the advanced Professional Series learned in the wind tunnel.

Club Series model range features real carbon fiber housing, convex mirror lens, and strong 6061 CNC-milled aluminum mounts and stems.

And early in 2016, we refreshed and modernized our three-model range of Club Series in plastic.

Tailor Club Series with options: flat mirror, straight stem, and Aero Mount.




Club Series uses a 4.5in angled 3/8-inch round aluminum stem (polished and anodized black). Contact us if you need something unique, and we'll fabricate the perfect stem to suit your application.

Elliptical mirror measures 1.75 x 4.45 inches for a total area of 6.0 sq-in. Rectangular mirror measures 1.95 x 4.40 inches for a total area of 8.6 sq-in.

Club GT is a classic design and we've refined the look with subtle details by extending the trailing edge to incorporate a few aerodynamic features to reduce overall drag.