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Club International GT  

Club International GT shares many of its design features with Club GT. The up-sized CIS GT satisfies FIA specifications for GT3 and Sports Cars (prototypes).

CIS GT has become a popular choice for NASA and SCCA production categories because it is immensely light in weight (6.6oz) and because it gracefully blends function with versatility.

Add so many custom choices and CIS GT works well on production to prototype cars.

As with all of our designs, the convex glass mirror gives a very bright and clear view without distortion. That's a very important quality when you're racing fender to fender.

CIS GT carries a convex (40-inch radius) mirror measuring 5.8 x 2.8in to offer a total 16.5 sq-in
(104 sq-cm) of viewing area. We offer CIS GT only in carbon fiber

Replace your old pair of mirrors with a set of CIS GT and you'll be impressed.