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Professional Aero Extreme
Professional Aero Extreme mirrors offer you world-best aerodynamics. A pair of these mirrors fitted with aero extentions equates to a distinct performance advantage for the driver who knows that every fraction of a second counts.

Professional Aero Extreme mirrors are so aerodynamically efficient, they reduce drag by more than 55 percent when compared to other racing mirrors.

In effect, less engine power is used to push air, and that horsepower can then be used to better your lap times. Less drag directly converts to speed. And quicker is better!

We maximize our aero technology with genuine carbon fiber,
hand-crafted quality, and convex glass mirror lenses (adjustable).

The convex mirror is easily adjustable so you can set the perfect positioning to optimize aerodynamics and improve the driver's rear vision.

The 17-inch radius convex mirror reduces ‘blind spot’ with zero optical distortion. Mirror vibration has been minimized allowing you to 'see' clearly at a glance.

Pro Aero Extreme is a focused, no-compromise racing mirror available in your choice of elliptical or rectangular.