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Dash-Mount & Compact Dash-Mount

When fully assembled Dash-Mount in carbon fiber weighs only 6.9oz or 150g. Each housing and each carbon fiber stem is handcrafted.

Most importantly, the overall design is clean and aerodynamic. All Dash-Mount variants, including Compact Dash-Mount, feature a lightweight stem attached at each end to a ball stud. The two ball studs allow you so many adjustment possibilities.

The top ball stud and flange is nicely tucked inside the housing behind the mirror lens out of the airflow. Stem choice is wide and comprehensive - available in carbon fiber (straight) and 3/8in round alloy.

Compact Dash-Mount is small to fit in tight places. Even behind a short wind deflector. It sits atop a short 3.25in round alloy stem, and reaches only 7.5 inches overall.